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Maximize domain sales by efficiently managing your domain portfolio.

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Everything you need for your domain portfolio

Efficiently organize your domains and sales leads, keep track of your expiring domains and only renew the best.

Manage your portfolio with ease, tag, organize and categorize your domains and keep track of important dates and the costs of your domain.


Accurately track the cost and value of your portfolio, view revenue and sales statistics, and monitor other essential metrics required to keep a lean, high-value portfolio.


Manage bids and offers and follow up with prospects so that you can close the sale. Offer relevant domains that your contacts might be interested in and sell more.


Register sales of your domains, see how your portfolio is doing, identify domains that don't sell and clean up your portfolio to reduce costs.

Manage your portfolio like a pro

Tracking all the domains in an extensive portfolio can be challenging. With the right software, you can get more out of your portfolio, increase sales and get rid of domains you no longer want to keep.

  • Keep only the very best domains
  • Sell more domains with effective outbound sales
  • Use effective reports to reduce costs
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How does NameCRM help domain investors?

NameCRM helps you to get organized and manage your portfolio so that all your domains get the attention they deserve.
Keep track of your digital real estate

Manage your domain portfolio with ease and get the best out of your inventory.

Easily manage large portfolios

Quickly import, categorize, tag and valuate your domain portfolio.

Configure your marketplaces and registrars

Configure the marketplaces and domain registrars that you use and efficiently manage the information that matters.

Make better decisions with data analysis

Get better insights into your domain portfolio, reduce the cost of your portfolio and get insights into income and expenses.

Portfolio cost

Get detailed insights into what it costs to maintain your portfolio. View renewal costs per month and see how many domains you have to sell to cover costs.

Only the best domains

Mark domains that don't meet your quality standards, so you won't have to renew them. See what domains you got offers for and which domains perform less.

Improve sales with a great outbound CRM.

Build your base of contacts and sell domains that match demand. Keep track of offers and be reminded to follow up on deals.


Build a solid base of contacts and offer your clients domains that are a perfect match.


Keep track of all the offers you received for domains and determine the best price for your domains..

Improve your portfolio.

Build a great portfolio by using great reporting tools and keeping track of all your offers.

Managing a portfolio of domains in Excel can quickly become messy, we have created great software that makes managing your portfolio a breeze.

Find better domains

Use historical data from your previous purchases and learn to recognize valuable domains.

Close more deals

Never forgot to follow up on offers you have received and close more deals.

Reduce portfolio cost

Find and liquidate domains that don't sell and keep only the very best in your portfolio.

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