Domain name flipping checklist

Finding good domain names can be a real challenge when you are starting out. We have created a checklist to filter out the common pitfalls when buying domains. Depending on if you are investing in brandable domain names or using keyword-based domains, different criteria apply. For the start we are going to discuss keyword-based domains.

Regardless of the type of domain you are investing in here are some rules of thumb:

  • Your domain contains one or two keywords.
  • Your domain has a well-known TLD, preferably .com (if it is not .com it should preferably be a single keyword domain)
  • Your domain does not contain any hyphens
  • Your domain does not contain numbers with some exceptions, if your domain starts or ends with something like 24 or 247 it might still be a good domain.
  • The domain is memorable, some combinations of words will not stick so easily.
  • The spelling is obvious, some letters might easily confuse users of the domain name.
  • The spelling of the keywords is correct, some people register typo domains, which might get you some
  • The domain name is easy to pronounce
  • There is no trademark or patent on one of the keywords in the domain name.

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Investing in domain names

Investing in domain names has a lot of parallels with investing in real estate, becoming a domain investor takes time, capital, and research quite similarly to real estate. When using the right method domain investing can be quite profitable. But like with real estate only the best properties are going to sell quickly or turn you a profit.

Best brandable domain marketplaces

Brandable domain names are domains that are easy to pronounce and remember but do not necessarily contain existing words. This kind of domain name offers a great opportunity because if you are creative (which I'm sure you are) you can come up with some great names that will make up a great brand for companies.

Top ten domain marketplaces

There are plenty of places where you can list your domain names, today we will have a look at the top ten domain marketplaces. Should you list your domains on all marketplaces? If you can you definitely should! The more marketplaces that you list your domains at the bigger the chance that you'll sell one of them.